Why the name "Voodu"

The short explanation is Voodu and Voodoo are not the same word or word class and don’t have the same meaning. 
The word “Voodu” is trademarked by our company, is a verb and thus has its own definition.

Vooduvoo-doo ] 


  1. to affect positively by subconscious transmission.
  2. to cause one to experience elation, feelings of happiness, gratefulness, or joy by the vehicle of food, environment or touch.

And the one you are likely familiar with:

Voodoo [ voo-doo ] 


  1. Sometimes Vo·doun . a fusion of Afro-Caribbean Vodou and folk magic practiced chiefly in Louisiana, deriving ultimately from West African Vodun and containing elements borrowed from the Roman Catholic religion.Compare Hoodoo (def. 1)SanteríaVodunVodou. This is an official religion that is still practiced.

Is everything on the menu Vegan?

At Voodu Vegan Bistro all of the food we serve is indeed plant based. We do not have dairy or meat.

How do you make your food taste so much like meat?

Meat is one of the largest natural sources for minerals like iron and flavors like umami. We make sure we add minerals and umami in our imitation foods. We also are very picky on texture so that’s also a key to the magic behind Voodu.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes but not during claims for Rewards points. Military discount is 10%

What if I have lost my gift certificate?

Call us with the details and we will provide you with the information to use or transfer that gift to a new card.

Can the spice level be changed?

Yes but be aware our magic flavors are integrated as a package, as you remove parts of the dish, you will change the original intention.

Do burgers come with fries

No, they come with salt & cracked pepper chips. You can add a side of fries separately.

do you have gluten-free options

Yes. Some products are gluten free entirely but our sandwiches and burgers have gluten free alternatives.

do you have soy free options

Yes. Some products are soy free entirely but ask your server if soy free options are available for a desired product.

do we need to make a reservation

No, but it’s highly recommended if you have a party of 5 or more after 5pm. If you have a party greater than 6, please make a reservation to avoid issues.

Are you going to expand your menu

Yes. We could be doing it right now.

do you serve alcohol?

Not yet. Check with us on updates.

Can the lava girl be ordered to-go?

Yes but its not offered by default due to the beautiful plating our dine-in option requires. However if you’d like to order it for pickup, you can call us or come in and order takeout.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

That depends on the order quantity and your distance. You will receive a text message when your order is ready.

How do I track my order?

Instructions for tracking will be in your email if its offered. Progress of your order may be provided on the checkout page if the feature is available for your order. All order progress is texted to the phone number on the order regardless of other tracking features.