Voodu Likes to bring the magic

We tend to take ourselves a little too lightly. In our world, we make cool stuff in kitchen but in the whispers of the community we touch, the food permeates thier memories like magic. Saucing their dreams with the flavor of umami. 

Bomb Flavors

Creative Plates

Never boring!

Love in every dish.


what else?

Not just vegan food, Food that twists the imagination with subliminal messages in every bite such as ” No sacrifices necessary.” , “You can totally bring your friends here…” , and “Are you sure this doesn’t have meat in it?”

Discover the new taste of a Voodu burger

Maybe we do things a little different. Seasoning might be a part of the formula but texture is the rest of the magic. The beloved "mouth-feel" that can seduce anyone who usually eats meat into forgetting that they just ordered a "veggie burger". Our menu screams: Just try me!

Anything could happen but if you didnt come alone, keep your eyes on your food because you might find out that your friends have a new found talent for a magician's slight-of-hand and your food might disappear.


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